New low hits Smart Lock at prices $169.15 Now


ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro + Bridge smart lock saves  35% at $169.15 now on Amazon. That means you can save $90.84  to get a great smart lock at prices $169.15.  It is really a big deal recently. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro + Bridge smart lock  is a  6-in-1 keyless entry door lock with wiFi, bluetooth, fingerprint and keypad. And the smart lock is ANSI grade 1 certified for highest commercial level of security and durability.  And you can install the smart lock anywhere you like just with a screwdriver.

Of course, if you don't need  WiFi adaptor, you can choose the one that is without the fuction and it is only $152.15 now. Except WiFi adaptor, other fuctions are the same as the smart lock I have introduced.

Features of ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro + Bridge smart lock:

  • Anti-peep tactile keypad.Add random digits to protect your passcode from prying eyes.
  • Share access remotely. U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock allows you to grant access to airbnb guests, dog walkers or service people via a code or an Ekey for specific dates or times.
  • Auto unlock and auto Lock. Smart Lock auto unlocks when you arrive at your door with your smartphone in your pocket and auto locks when you leave.
  • Smart notifications. Get instant alerts every time someone unlocks your Smart Lock. You are always informed when your kids are back home from school.
  • Micro USB For backup power. Powered by four AA Alkaline batteries with up to more than one year of battery life through regular use. Low battery notification via smartphone app. Use an external battery to activate your Smart Lock even when the batteries are dead.
  • Keep you secure. IP65 rated dust and weatherproof external Smart Lock built to withstand heat and cold.
  • DIY installation.  The simple installation takes minutes with a screwdriver. No wiring and no drilling.

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Clint Gillingham

Clint Gillingham

A trained as a violin and keyboard-instrument maker. An innovative musician and recording artist. Clint is married to the concert violinist Stephanie and resides in New York City, where his other interests include astronomy, playing the harpsichord, bicycling and cooking. The idea of making instruments other than harpsichord was very interesting. Growing is an important word in the world of instrument making. My inspiration was the physicist who encouraged me to develop my own work and given my background working with two very different makers. And i love to present my work to others and share my experiences.

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