LiBa Bug Zapper Takes up to 49% off at $51 on Amazon Now

Bug Zapper

LiBa Bug Zapper takes up to 49% off at $51 on Amazon Now. You can save up to $49 with this deal. This bug zapper attracts all kinds of flying bugs and eliminates them from your home. The lights naturally attract flies, mosquitoes, and any other flying bugs that bother you, and your family. Two lightbulbs attract and instantly zap anything flying through it.  And it comes with a safety screen to prevent from small fingers getting inside the device. Two replacement bulbs are included with every bug zapper in case a replacement is needed. Each bug zapper has an easy on and off switch at the top right and a five-foot cord for convenience and distance. Each bug zapper comes with a chain so you can hang it anywhere on a hook or place it atop any countertop, table, or even the floor in problem areas. Typically, hang it high as that is where the bugs hangout. Safe and secure to use in hospitals, workplace areas, commercial spaces, restaurants, kitchens, warehouses and retails stores.

Features of this item

  • the Strongest Attraction Bulbs On The Market – 2800V
  • Forceful Electronic Grid That Instantly Zaps Approaching Insects
  • Cage Wiring To Avoid Accidental Contact By People Or Pets
  • Wire Chain For Space-Saving Hanging
  • Removable, Easy To Clean Dead Insect Collection Tray
  • 2 Free Replacement Bulbs Included

Note: Definitely not for outdoor use. These bug zappers are not waterproof or water-resistant.

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